Hi, I'm Chantal Broeren

Developer | Perfectionist | Challenger


Writing code is my life. I like the complex logic in developing. My main expertise is Ember.js, working with it for 3,5 years now as a lead developer. Besides that my most recent experience is with Ruby on Rails.


I like to be an expert in what I do. Like to improve code and provide readability. Always in for teaching others and guide them into the best tricks and code quality.


As a passionate developer I'm always challenging myself and want to keep learning. For every step you take, there are plenty other steps you can learn or do afterwards. Latest learnings: Ruby on Rails and beginning of Elixir.

My story

I'm a 29 years old passionate software developer based in the Netherlands. I started learning programming by myself at the age of 17. I like to be an expert in what I do and learn new things by taking new challenges. Love working on complex algoritms and logic, working test-driven and ensure code quality.

Career Path

2019 - now

Consultant in Ember and Ruby on Rails.

2015 - 2019

In particular working with Ember.js. Teaching and reviewing other collegeas. Lately started working in Ruby on Rails too.

2013 - 2017

2014 - 2015

Provide additional lessons based on structured- and OO-programming and help students with their homework.

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Long Term Vision

Everybody should have wishes and so have I. For the future I still want to work on complex logic and creating innovative applications. One of my side-wishes is to teach others more then I do now.